Project Blue Book: Michael Malarkey, Aidan Gillen, Sofia Milos, Jerod Haynes, new fan site & more

October 30 – This week’s Project Blue Book news.

🛸 Time change! Due to Hurricane Zeta knocking out power, Michael Malarkey has had to post his acoustic gig scheduled for Friday, October 30th at noon EDT. It’s been moved to Friday, November 6th at noon ET. So, be sure to mark your calendars! In the meantime, you can stream the release of his new song Green Light at Spotify and purchase it at Bandcamp as well.

🛸 Ending on Halloween! The Brush of Hope auction benefiting Canada’s Kidney Foundation ends tomorrow. Laura Mennell donated a great painting of her cat, which you can see at the direct link to bid:

🛸 If you didn’t already know, the #SaveBlueBook campaign is international in scope. There’s now a Brazilian fan site, Blue Book BR, dedicated to Projeto Livro Azul. Definitely check it out!

🛸 There’s a neat video from January 2020, of Aidan Gillen and Neal McDonough promoting season 2, posted by @AM2DM/Buzzfeed News. The 13-minute interview starts at the 35.30 mark. The pair discuss Project Blue Book, and of course, Aidan talks a little about his earlier shows Game of Thrones and Queer as Folk, and there’s an interesting Doctor Who tidbit in there as well! Thx to @aidangillenR for posting the links below.

as well as this cool image:

🛸 Aidan Gillen’s movie Rose Plays Julie is making the rounds at various film festivals.

Amplify Film Festival (UK) November 6-12, 2020

As well as the 33rd annual Foyle Film Festival (Ireland)

“Rose Plays Julie tells the story of a young woman searching for her biological mother. Set against a backdrop of misogyny, revenge and longing, Rose undertakes a journey that leads her to revelations that are both devastating and dangerous. Written and directed by Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy, the film has been screened at various film festivals, from London Film Festival last year to Dublin Film Festival, Galway Film Fleadh, Melbourne International Film Festival, Bari International Film Festival, Hamptons International Film Festival and Amplify Film Festival this year. The film will close the festival on the 29th November and you can book a virtual ticket here.” [Buy tix at]

🛸 Jerod Haynes (Agent Banks) will be performing “Baby Steps” for the Rattlestick Theater. It will air November 17 from 5:00-6:00PM (presumably, Chicago time). Check out for full details/tickets.

In this funny and heartbreaking monologue, starring Jerod Haynes and written by Kareem M. Lucas, during a rare moment of peace, Ike decides to commemorate his newborn daughter being alive for 14 weeks by creating a video for her that captures this overwhelming and unforgettable moment in both of their lives. What begins as a joyful celebration of his daughter’s birth suddenly spirals into raw confession of his personal pain that he has ignored in order to focus on taking care of his Babygirl during the global pandemic and the uprising of 2020 in New York City. At a time when so many Americans are dying, this Black man is trying to figure out how to live.

🛸 Sofia Milos (aka Daria) has joined other Project Blue Book cast members (Neal McDonough, Jill Morrison) on Cameo . What is Cameo? A website where you can get personalized messages from your favorite celebrity.

🛸 Remember Donna (@HeatherDoerksen), the Hynek’s nosy neighbor who befell a foul fate? Heather has a new movie out. Welcome to the Circle is a perfect movie for Halloween. Movie details at More details and photo at her tweet below, and it’s streaming on various platforms.

Heather also posted this fun photo of herself in a hot pink jacket which she described as ‘pink Muppet coat’. So THAT’s where Billy the Muppet ended up! Poor critter. 😊 IG post at

🛸 CORRECTION: The last post on this site mentioned that Project Blue Book season 2 aired in France on October 26th. That was in error. (Sorry!) WarnerTVFrance stated on Twitter that it will air in 2021.

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