Project Blue Book: Michael Malarkey gig moved up, Laura Mennell auction & Halloween pics/videos!

October 31st – It’s Halloween! The Project Blue Book gang have posted photos, or are included in fan memes, on this spooky and festive day.

🛸 First, Michael Malarkey’s power was restored. As fans know, Hurricane Zeta swept through the southeast and knocked out power to Michael and nearly a million others in Georgia. But now that his power is back, he’s bumped up his acoustic gig for the release of his new song Green Light. It was scheduled for Friday, November 6th and is now Sunday, November 1st at 2:00pm ET. As always, gigs and chats are at his Twitch channel.

🛸 Second, great news for the Kidney Foundation of Canada. Laura Mennell’s portrait of her cat went for $178CND at the Brush of  Hope auction on eBay.

🛸 Here are a smattering of Halloween-themed Project Blue Book photos from cast and fans.

Courtesy of a fan, Michael Malarkey posted this 2015 image of himself and ‘friend’ from back in his Vampire Diaries days.

Aidan Gillen’s Halloween was ‘documented’ by Aiden himself in a short video. You can watch it at Camille O’Sullivan’s Instagram page. Thanks to for the tip. [Sorry video is not up here, but there’s an issue with Instagram link embedding we’re working on.]

Sofia Milos posted this neat image at her Instagram stories. And while this looks professionally done, Sofia did her own makeup!

Lastly, here are just a few creative fan samples of the “Halloween Edition” memes from today’s #SaveBlueBookSaturday.

That’s it for Halloween. 😊

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