Project Blue Book: Michael Malarkey’s new project, Aidan Gillen, Ksenia Solo & more

Michael Malarkey in ABC's "Big Sky"

September 25, 2021:  If you’ve missed Michael Malarkey on the TV screen, he’s back!

🛸 ABC dropped a long teaser trailer for season two of their hit series, Big Sky, based on the mystery books by award-winning author C.J. Box.  Deadline dropped the teaser for Michael Malarkey’s character: “Malarkey takes on Deputy Harvey, a pompous, self-assured cop who—despite preaching respect for the law—sells his loyalty to the highest bidder. A man who wears the badge to protect & serve himself. When Harvey gets into hot water with a criminal organization, he becomes increasingly desperate and unhinged.” Michael will be in a recurring role as this new character.

Read full details at

Watch the extended trailer here at the official Twitter handle for ABC’s Big Sky and you can spot Michael as Deputy Harvey:

🛸 Michael participated in the SPOKE podcast, available at Spotify. He spoke about the ups and downs of social media, the joys of working at a record store, and much more!

🛸 Aidan Gillen’s series Killers of the Cosmos, is airing Sunday nights at 9pm ET on the Science Channel.If you miss it there, you can also stream it on the pay channel of Discovery Plus.

Aidan did a brief interview with Good Morning America regarding his series Kin. Watch at GMA.

🛸 The second season of “Project Blue Book” aka Projet Blue Book, arrives October 25 on the Warner France channel.

🛸 Hayley McLaughlin posted this wonderful photo on the night of the Emmys.

🛸 FanArtFriday, a weekly hashtag on Twitter, still has Project Blue Book work appearing. Fans posted this great artwork featuring “HyneQuinn”.


🛸 Ksenia Solo has posted several photos, but this gorgeous image is like a 1950s advertisement.

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