Project Blue Book: Neal McDonough convention, Alien Autopsy, Aidan Gillen, Ksenia Solo & more

Project Blue Book prop

April 15, 2021 – Although Project Blue Book ceased production a while ago, people are still sharing behind-the-scene images from their time on the set. The latest is on the props used on the show.

🛸 Vancouver based makeup effects artist Mike Fields graciously shared several images of the ‘alien autopsy’ from the season 2 opening episode “The Roswell Incident” on his Instagram page.

Following the digital trail, I found the site Amazing Apes Productions, which specializes in producing character effects, animatronic and make-up effects for clients in film, television and other media. There, I discovered three more images of the alien props (including the alien skeleton Quinn dug up) at the ‘body replicas’ page at

🛸 Neal McDonough will be appearing at a virtual panel at the Wellington Armageddon Expo at 11 AM on Saturday April 17 (New Zealand time). Tickets are available at or link in tweet below.

🛸 If you aren’t aware, Project Blue Book’s great music soundtrack by Daniel Wohl is available for streaming. You can listen to all 13 tracts on a variety of streaming platforms.

🛸 If you haven’t seen Aidan Gillen’s critically acclaimed film Rose Plays Julie, it is still available for rent at a variety of virtual cinema streaming platforms (list at for U.S. viewers) as well as on Amazon Prime and more.

🛸 Ksenia Solo posted three very summer-ish photos at her Instagram.

🛸 Don’t forget to tune in on April 18th at 3:30 PM ET for the 35th Annual ASC Awards. Both Project Blue Book’s C. Kim Miles and François Dagenais are up for awards! The event lasts two hours. It will be streamed live at their Facebook at

🛸 Because Vancouver is where so many shows are filmed, you can see actors, etc. from Project Blue Book appear in new shows. Promo images from the April 26th episode of NBC’s Debris showed a sort of familiar face. Keenan Tracey is the guest star. While he was never in Blue Book, Ian Tracey played a pivotal guest role throughout both seasons, that of Unseen/William. If we ever get a season 3 of Blue Book, and they have a flashback to William’s younger days…here’s the perfect guy to portray him.

Keenan Tracey (from NBC’s DEBRIS – photo by James Dittiger/NBC)

Featured image on page from Mike Fields Instagram page. All rights reserved.

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