Project Blue Book: New David O’Leary interview, Aidan Gillen, VFX & more

November 28 – Brand new interview in preparation for series airing in France in 2021.

🛸 Today marked the premiere of a 90-minute interview with David O’Leary, creator and executive producer of Project Blue Book. Season 2 of the show will debut on WarnerTV France in February 2021. TV presenter Karine Durand arranged this fantastic interview, in conjunction with Maybe Planet, for David and the following experts:

Pascal Fechner – Director of Maybe Planet & Ex-Director of French MUFON

Camille Fouquart – Co-Director of Maybe Planet & Ex-Co-Director of French MUFON

Nico Augusto – Author, Producer and Speaker

Here are just a few tidbits from this interview. Karine posed questions regarding season 3, which David answered as best he could without divulging spoilers. Fascinating tidbits and all the more reason to keep up the fight for season 3! Plus, for UFO aficionados, lots of UFO talk as well.

“I don’t want to say anything more about season 2,” said O’Leary with a smile, but “folks will know we were expecting a season 3.” However, he did drop information that HyneQuinn would have left the USA and gone overseas (“We wanted to really open the show up and expand in those areas”) and he mentioned Brazil and France, the latter which has its own UFO legacy (in particular, the 1965 Maurice Masse case).

David O’Leary

“It feels unfinished to us,” said O’Leary, who detailed how they had an outline for all of season 3, which ironically, they wrapped up in March, just when COVID-19 locked down the country. “We feel the show does still have more to say.” He says of the cast. They “all really, really want to return,” and he’s confident he could bring back the core six (Aidan Gillen, Michael Malarkey, Laura Mennell, Ksenia Solo, Neal McDonough and Michael Harney) if they get the series up again. He is “cautiously optimistic” that Project Blue Book can return. “I don’t give up hope. We’re going to keep fighting. I’m going to keep doing everything I can on my end, for sure.” (at the 1.08 mark in case you’re in a rush to hear it from David himself).

David was asked about the casting of the show, where he expanded upon how the duo of Hynek and Quinn came together.

Aidan Gillen as Dr. J. Allen Hynek

“Aidan was the first piece of casting that we did. The notion was we gotta find our Hynek and then we can build the show around Hynek,” said David O’Leary of Aidan Gillen, whom O’Leary keeps in touch with to this day. “We wanted to have an actor who, number one, you had to believe that he was the smartest guy in the room. … so much of the show rests on the quiet wheels of the mind kind of turning as you start to piece together what’s really going on.”

Michael Malarkey as Captain Michael Quinn

“And then it was finding Malarkey, and by the way, that was actually in some ways a more difficult process because the role had initially been conceived as a little more like… this is the only description I can give…if you guys remember the actor Paul Walker from the Fast and the Furious. Like built, blond, sort of salt of the earth, American boy. And Malarkey… had much more of a depth and a sort of a ‘darkness’ to the role that he brought, even in the audition,” said O’Leary enthusiastically of Michael Malarkey, who played Captain Quinn. “And I’ve been promising fans for two years that I would share his audition tape and I have to find it. I must have it somewhere,” he added.  The audition “was so different than everyone else’s take on the character. It had just this rebellious darkness inside of it, despite him wearing a uniform, and we all just realized ‘oh my god, this character can be so much more interesting than sort of the kind of more straightlaced kind of American I’m a patriot, loyal to my Air Force rank persona that we had initially perceived. Once we cast him, we started to realize we had a much richer character to write to than we realized.”

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🛸 Some more news on Aidan Gillen’s series Kin. The fan site @AidanGillen.russia found several on-site images from that series, which is currently in production in Ireland.

🛸 A “Men in Black” tweet from History Japan.

🛸 If you haven’t seen this video before, check out this great 4-minute explanation/video of the making of the beginning sequence of season 2’s “Operation Mainbrace.”

🛸 Italian fans can tune into RAI4 to watch Project Blue Book on November 28th.

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