Project Blue Book: new game, Michael Malarkey music gig, Aidan Gillen, Jill Morrison, Sofia Milos & more

September 16 – Latest Project Blue Book news from the internet.

Wow, History Channel dropped some Project Blue Book news. No, not season 3 (darn) but a new game: ” Join Hynek and Quinn on an all-new case available only in Project Blue Book: Hidden Mysteries: The Montana Skyrockets. Available on iOS and Google Play.”

or at their Facebook page at

This is also the chance for all fans to let History Channel know that we want season 3 in the comments area on either their Twitter account or Facebook page. Doubtful they’ll do it but… if any other studio looks at the comments and see thousands of people demanding it, that counts!

🛸 Michael Malarkey is doing two Twitch sessions this week. On Friday, September 18th, he’s doing a music gig at 1:00 pm EDT. On Sunday, September 20th, he’s doing another chat session, where he said he’ll drop “a very special announcement.” Details at his tweet below. 😊

🛸 A fan found a previously unpublished photo of Aidan Gillen from the Hollywood Reporter cast interview! You can watch the entire video at – highly recommended.

🛸 Jill Morrison (Faye) posted this cute ‘beehive’ shot of herself on her Instagram.

🛸 Michael Harney (General Valentine) posted a series of photos at his Instagram at

🛸 Sofia Milos posted a fantastic glamour shot of Daria from season 2 Project Blue Book. Pretty but deadly!

She also posted another Daria image to her stories. Here’s a snap of the shot.

🛸 Michael Malarkey often posts pictures with his Twitch chat reminders, and you can see him busy with yard work at

🛸 Hayley McLaughlin (Rebecca in “Hopkinsville” and “Men in Black”) posted two great photos of herself at her Twitter and Instagram:

🛸 Season 2 of Project Blue Book is now airing on Showmax, an African subscription video-on-demand service. Here’s an image that was posted by various Twitter accounts.

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