Project Blue Book: New streaming on IMDB-TV, Michael Malarkey World Tour, Aidan Gillen’s ‘Rose Plays Julie’ U.S. airings in March & more!

March 3Project Blue Book streaming on IMDB-TV, Michael Malarkey’s virtual world tour, Aidan Gillen’s Rose Plays Julie in U.S. in March, game update & more!

🛸 Project Blue Book is back on our TVs, as it premiered March 1st on IMDB-TV. Both seasons will stream for free (with ads) or no ads if you an Amazon Prime customer. (via and  The rub is that so far, is that it’s not available to all. Their FAQ says “If you are in the US, you can instantly stream IMDb TV titles from your IMDb app via the IMDb TV page, the IMDb TV app for Fire TV and Roku, from your laptop or personal computer’s web browser via the IMDb TV page, and from the Amazon Prime Video app via the IMDb TV channel.  IMDb TV content is currently only available when streaming from within the United States and US territories.” Everybody else will be geo-blocked. ☹ It was to have been expanded into Europe in 2019 but for some reason that did not occur, but a bright light is that one article pointed out in late 2020 that they were hiring for IMDB TV UK people. More details on IMDBTV is at their FAQ If you’re not in the US and want this streaming platform, tweet them at The more feedback they get, the better (and don’t’ forget to mention Project Blue Book in your tweet!)

Another great thing about IMDB TV is you can find various other films the PBB actors have done. Michael Malarkey’s 2013 Dublin-based series Raw is free to watch, as is Aidan Gillen’s Love/Hate, while others require subscription or you buy/rent. Never knew Aidan made a horror movie (Wake Wood)!

🛸 And, if you’re new to Project Blue Book, or simply forgot about these gems, don’t forget to listen to or revisit the fantastic podcasts which SyFyWire did for each episode of the show. Tara Bennett did a great job interviewing the cast and creative folk on the show. Available at or wherever you listen to podcasts.

🛸 Michael Malarkey’s ‘Virtual World Tour 2021’ tickets are on sale now. The tour runs March 25-28 for various locations. Please visit to purchase tickets as well as order a download of the Graveracer Europe Live Tour. This tour is virtual (aka over the computer) so anyone can attend. It’s very easy to buy tickets. The site will automatically geolocate for your region to give you proper time/date and ticket cost. Don’t miss out on this unique tour!

🛸 The #SaveBlueBook website is getting closer to its debut. Follow Carsten’s Twitter account for the latest news!

🛸 History Japan is repeating the show on their channel. They are making various tweets about it, such as:

🛸 If you missed Aidan Gillen’s critically acclaimed movie Rose Plays Julie when it first came to the US, you have another chance to watch it via various online U.S. festivals:

🛸 Project Blue Book: Hidden Mysteries has been out on Android and Apple platforms for a while, but now it has come to Windows (aka your laptop). It will be available on Steam per this article:

🛸 Michael Harney (Gen. Valentine) dropped a photo and some details on his upcoming Space Command radio play

🛸 Jill Morrison’s crime drama Circle of Deceptiondebuts March 6th at 8pm ET on the Lifetime channel. Check the rest of her Instagram for even more images.

🛸 Laura Mennell posted a picture of herself and her best furry friend (who is also model for her charity artwork):

🛸 Ksenia Solo shared a throwback image to when she was a very adorable little girl.

🛸 Last but certainly NOT least, the #SaveBlueBook petition is nearing 28,000 signatures. If you haven’t signed it already, what are you waiting for? Please visit, sign and share 😊

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