Project Blue Book news: Jerod Haynes, Aidan Gillen, Michael Malarkey, Laura Mennell & more

A quick round-up of current news on the Project Blue Book cast. Still no news on season 3, but the #SaveBlueBook campaign is still going strong!

🛸 Courtesy of the Acting Studio Chicago, Jerod Haynes (AKA Agent Daniel Banks) is doing a free webinar on Monday, August 31st at 6pm Chicago time. Check it out!

🛸 Actor and musician Kiernan O’Reilly (songwriter/lead vocalist of the Irish alternative rock band, Hail The Ghost) posted a photo of himself and Aidan Gillen at his IG.

🛸 Michael Malarkey and family are settling in at their new home in Georgia. He’s been busy on Twitter, making tweets, posting pictures, the latest of which is Michael relaxing on his new patio (see below). He’s continuing his weekly Twitch chats, so if you’re unaware of this chat, drop by – they’re worth watching!

🛸 Laura Mennell posted a photo of herself and castmates from her upcoming short film, Circle. Full details at:

There is also another photo with Laura from a castmate at:

🛸 Barnstorm VFX, who worked on Project Blue Book, shared a brief video showing their VFX work on “Operation Mainbrace.” Movie magic!

🛸 Japan is wrapping up showing season 2 of Project Blue Book (aka プロジェクトブルーブック). History Japan posted this new image of Hynek from the end of “Operation Mainbrace.”

🛸 Yahoo News posted an article on History Channel’s plans right, which briefly mentions Project Blue Book and why scripted shows are no more on that channel. It’s a short read but worth reading.

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