Project Blue Book overseas, Costume Department, Alien Cookies and more!

Project Blue Book cookies, foreign airings

The Project Blue Book “15 Days Challenge” from @TheBlueBookFile wrapped, with incredible contributions by the fans. However, it’s not over. There’s still no word of a season 3 renewal. Fans still need to keep Project Blue Book alive on Twitter/Instagram and in History’s notifications. So please tweet #RenewBlueBook to @history and @historybluebook whenever you can.  And if you’re creative, make some #FanArtFriday of the Project Blue Book characters and be sure to put @historybluebook in the tweet as well.

🛸 While the US and Canada are rewatching the show via video on demand and on DVRs, other countries will soon see it.  Project Blue Book, or プロジェクトブルーブック,will air in Japan on June 28th at 9pm.

You can read more at this tweet below (use the Translate feature to read in English)

🛸 Meanwhile, season 2 of “Proyecto Libro Azul” premiered this past weekend. Chile, Argentina and Venezuela saw the premiere on April 18 at 9pm; Mexico and Columbia on April 19 at 10:35pm.  Via @HistoryLA.

And you can see the ‘swag’ that @HistoryLA sent to some folk for the latest premiere:

This tweet contains the Spanish-language trailer for season 2:

🛸 The site has the Spanish-language season 2 press release. You can read the full article at and use any online translator to decipher. However, it does begin with “The irresistible series of Robert Zemeckis returns with a second season, which will follow the adventure of professor J. Allen Hynek…” Yes, it’s definitely irresistible! 😊

🛸 In its continuing series, Cinema Confidential has released another behind-the-scenes video from the Project Blue Book set. This time, they interviewed the folks in the Costuming department, where you get to see the incredible amount of authentic costumes used for both seasons. There are lot of little tidbits that the wardrobe department people drop, so it’s definitely a fun watch. And if you like Hynek’s wonderful selection of ties, you get a quick glance of them as well. You can view at their YouTube channel:

🛸 Jerod Haynes will participate in a #FriendsLikeUs podcast. The episode premieres tomorrow, April 22nd. Details below!

🛸 Laura Mennell celebrated her birthday with a gluten-free cupcake. She posted a photo at her Instagram at

🛸 The COVID-19 pandemic has made premiere parties difficult if not impossible to hold, so the South American premieres turned to … cookies! I found this neat collection of alien/History Channel cookie photos on Instagram. Kudos to the baker for such ingenuity and talent.

🛸 The below tweet includes what I believe is a review of Project Blue Book. I don’t speak Spanish but I did watch, and was very glad I did as halfway through the video, there was exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Aidan Gillen as Hynek from the “Close Encounters” episode. It’s a faraway video, but it’s fun to watch. Paul Hynek apparently showed the footage at a presentation.

🛸 Epic Drama (Europe) has been conducting some tournaments on their Facebook pages. Quinn (Michael Malarkey) is up against Jonah Hauer-King from “World on Fire”. You can go to, scroll down to the post and choose the 💟 (heart) to vote for Michael.

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