Project Blue Book: Petition for #SaveBlueBook

#SaveBlueBook Petition

A fan graciously created a petition to Save Project Blue Book. History has opted not to renew the series, but it could mean another network might be interested in picking up the series. After all, the series has had good ratings, has a loyal built-in audience, and UFOs are all over the news. And where else are we going to get our weekly dose of HyneQuinn, and find out how Hynek rescues Quinn? We need that season 3!

Please visit and sign the petition! If you can, leave a brief message about why you want the show renewed. It will be going to Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Comcast, Warner Brothers, Sony, Starz, and Lionsgate. The more signatures the better!

We will keep you apprised of news as it develops. Don’t forget to use #SaveBlueBook in your tweets and Instagram posts!

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    No, don’t cancel this show. Best thing I’ve watched in years. Great cast, stories. It’s my family’s new favorite.

    1. Jennifer Stewart says:

      Please do NOT CANCEL THE SHOW!! PEOPLE NEED TO SPEAK UP! The acting is the best and characters in the show are excellent. You must Save the show.

      1. Hi Jennifer,
        Unfortunately History Channel did cancel Blue Book. However, the producers and creators are seeking a new home for it, so we’ve all got our fingers crossed it will find a new home for season 3. There is a petition every fan should sign ( and every Saturday we flood Twitter with memes and the hashtag #SaveBlueBook. The show is currently streaming on @PeacockTV in the States so bingewatch it there so they know there’s still an audience. Thanks!- Elyse

    2. Save projet blue book season 3
      please ..!

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