Project Blue Book: #SaveBlueBook, Aidan Gillen, Michael Malarkey, Laura Mennell & more!

October 15 – Whole bunch of news and items to pay attention to as two of them stream online live on October 16th.

🛸 The #SaveBlueBook campaign is still going strong! A new competition began today (October 15th) and ends November 15th. Your chance to win actual props from the set! News on the restructuring of #SaveBlueBookSaturday, the creation of a new website for the campaign and more. For all the details, please visit

Jill Morrison posted about the contest on her Instagram at

🛸 Michael Malarkey continues his horror story readings for the month of October. You can watch (and rewatch if you subscribe) at One tidbit he mentioned is that he did write a script this year (called “Doe” but that’s all he dropped). The next reading will be Friday, October 16th at 12 noon EDT.

He posted a sorta Project Blue Book photo on his Instagram and Twitter. I mean, doesn’t that flying hat look like a UFO? 😉

He also shared a photo of his two boys playing in the new yard.

🛸 UK fans will now be able to view Aidan Gillen’s critically acclaimed film Rose Plays Julie via (  It will be available November 6-12th. Details available on the site.

🛸 Congrats to Laura Mennell for receiving the nomination for ‘Best Female Supporting Performance’ for the Project Blue Book episode “Operation Mainbrace”! UTCP/ACTRA will hand out the awards during a livestreamed virtual even ton November 21st.  You can see the full list of nominees at as well as an article at

Laura also posted about her nomination at her Instagram:

and just a fun Fall picture 😊

🛸 In the past week, Ksenia Solo celebrated her birthday

is enjoying the Fall season

and posted 10 behind-the-scenes photos from her 2016 movie, Pet (details at

🛸 Neal McDonough has been cast in a reboot of the popular horror/scifi franchise Resident Evil. More details at Neal will portray virologist William Birkin, formerly played by actor Jason Isaacs (whom most viewers may recognize as Lucious Malfoy from the Harry Potter movies).

🛸 From Command is a sci-fi series with a hopeful vision of the future, starring several Star Trek and science fiction legends. Meet the creator, Marc Zicree, who also has credits writing for TNG, DS9, Smurfs, Babylon 5, Sliders, The Real Ghostbusters, and many more. Also joining the panel are a couple of the actors in Space Command, Robert Picardo (The Doctor in Voyager), and Michael Harney (DS9, Orange is the New Black). Moderated by Ryan T. Husk and Cirroc Lofton. It will air Friday, October 16, at 11:30am PT / 2:30pm ET at

🛸 Nicholas Holmes (aka Joel Hynek) posted a photo at his Instagram. He’s busy doing voice work on the animated series Gigantosaurus, now in its second season. You can see the IMDB entry at:

🛸 Season 2 of Project Blue Book プロジェクトブルーブック is now available on Amazon Prime in Japan. If you live in that region, you can access at

🛸 History Blue Book put out a tweet and Facebook post touting Project Blue Book merchandise for Halloween. Fans took advantage of the tweet (below) and Facebook posts to ask instead for season 3, so, feel free to add your season 3 request to the comments! 😊 However, I must say I do use my Project Blue Book symbol coffee mug almost every morning.

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