Project Blue Book: #SaveBlueBook Anniversary, Matt Tauber, David O’Leary, Michael Malarkey, Heather Doerksen

Save Blue Book

May 6, 2021 – A year ago on May 7th, fans found out that the History Channel decided not to go ahead with season 3 of Project Blue Book. While a #RenewBlueBook hashtag had spread across the internet in previous months, the #SaveBlueBook hashtag was born that day, along with a petition. That petition now has over 30,000 signatures and is still going. If you want Hynek and Quinn (aka HyneQuinn) back on our screens, and that cliffhanger resolved, please sign and share the petition at

🛸  Matt Tauber was one of Project Blue Book’s producers. You probably saw his name go by in the credits without realizing it. Last year, his wife Claudia had a brain aneurysm, and shortly after, she suffered a debilitating stroke. They need support to help cover costs of ongoing rehabilitation. Laura Mennell said in her Instagram post “Matty was always so good at taking care of everyone on our set, he is one the kindest and most genuine people I’ve ever worked with.” Laura, Michael Harney and David O’Leary all made posts (linked below) that also link to a GoFundMe. Please read them, and if you can help, every donation helps.

🛸 David O’Leary was interviewed by Abraham Heisler for the Internal Leverage series which ‘is an exploration into the inner game of business. Through interviews and anecdotes, [they] dive deep into the psychology, performance strategies, and daily routines of highly successful game changers and find out what gives them internal Leverage.”  You can watch the full interview at

🛸 Aidan Gillen’s Rose Plays Julie is still available for viewing in the U.S. and Canada. Visit for a list of participating theaters streaming this critically acclaimed film.

Aidan’s new film, Those Who Wish Me Dead, will open in movie theaters and be available (in the U.S.) on HBOMax. Warner Bros. is releasing little videos here and there. Here’s one such video on their Twitter account:

🛸 Michael Malarkey is releasing his live record IN LOVE AND DEATH from the Graveracer Tour. It will be available on May 7th, which is BandCampFriday, where the artist receives 100% of all sales.  Pay-what-you-can and support independent music!  Details at his Instagram post at:

🛸 Nice to see IMDbTV giving Project Blue Book some PR over on Twitter!

🛸 Despite her character being bumped off and disposed of who knows where, Heather Doerksen (Donna in season 1 Project Blue Book) has kept busy on a variety of projects, including SyFy’s Van Helsing series.

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