Project Blue Book: #SaveBlueBook, Laura Mennell, Aidan Gillen, Michael Malarkey, Jill Morrison & more!

Saturday, August 22nd is the next #SaveBlueBookSaturday at 5:00pm EDT. Visit for full details. The campaign is also looking for ‘ambassadors’ from specific countries (please see below) who would like to support the #SaveBlueBook campaign a little more. Click on link above for more details!

Two new neat promo images from “What Lies Beneath” courtesy of CanalTNT.

and from “Broken Arrow”

Project Blue Book ends its season 2 run on CanalTNT, as this Instagram post (transcribed) says: We will miss you, Hynek and Quinn. Today we come to the end of Project Blue Book with the last two chapters (10:05 pm).

Laura Mennell posted some great images from her upcoming short film, Circle, directed and written by @florianhalbedl (IG) She posted images of herself (as Ren) and @lunaferguson (IG) as Hex. The plot is “In a world of isolation, a wistful Ren and a witting Hex must find connection by deepening their form of communication across space and time with the guiding force of nature.” Laura plans to share more!

Aidan Gillen was apparently at a ‘socially distanced’ music-related(?) party, as this Instagram image attests.

If you follow Michael Malarkey on Twitter, you’ll know he’s moved to Georgia. He’s embracing the whole ‘country vibe’ 😊 if you look at the pictures that he posts, but this is not the first time he’s resided in Atlanta. A plus is that there are film/TV productions in that city. Of course, we all hope for a resurrection of season 3 of Project Blue Book as well!

Jill Morrison was recently seen in the Hallmark movie, Wedding Every Weekend. She posted a humorous picture to her Instagram stories.

Meanwhile, Jill was interviewed in an article on Vancouver filming in these times of COVID.  She’s already been in two movies (one for Hallmark, one for Lifetime). “No one wants this to go badly, so it felt like everyone was really going out of their way to make sure it would be a safe, healthy set,” she says. That’s not to say she wasn’t anxious at times, like when the actor playing her husband kissed her forehead. Full quotes and article at

Lastly, Jill posted a series of photos on her Instagram from her time on the production, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

Neal McDonough stars in the movie Monsters of Man, scheduled for worldwide release on December 8th. Doesn’t look like he’s playing a good guy this time! You can watch the trailer for the movie at where you can see several scene snippets with Neal.

Neal also posted this neat ‘theatrical’ poster for the movie.

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