Project Blue Book: #SaveBlueBook, Michael Malarkey, Aidan Gillen & more!

Michael Malarkey & Aidan Gillen

First, the #SaveBlueBook petition has passed the 7,800 signature mark (as of Friday 8:30 pm ET) and keeps climbing! What petition, you ask? This one, in case you missed it:

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for next Wednesday, May 20th at 7:00pm PT/10:00pm ET, when David O’Leary and Sean Jablonski will join Alejandro Rojas for a livestream at the Den of Geek US’s Facebook page/YouTube channel. They’ll discuss #SaveBlueBook, UFOs and more!  Den of Geek’s US Facebook page is at; their YouTube channel is at

Michael Malarkey dropped this incredible picture of himself and Aidan Gillen, plus a heartfelt message for fans to rally for Project Blue Book and sign the petition. In part he said “Everyone involved in the show INCLUDING THE STUDIO wants to continue. This is where YOU come in. As Project Blue Book is meeting with networks and streaming services during this time, every little signature and ‘petty’ little tweet can make a difference. SIGN THE PETITION and make some noise on your socials with the hashtag #SaveBlueBook and hopefully it’ll give us some extra leverage to get this show a new home!” Read the full message at the Instagram link below and do what the Captain asks, sign the petition! 😊 And if you check his stories, he’s posting updates here and there on the petition stats. Very neat.

To promote their new album, the group FontainesDC posted a quick little video of behind-the-scenes footage for their music video for the song “A Hero’s Death.” You can see Aidan Gillen sporadically throughout the video. Just check their tweet below!

VC Multichannel, which distributes Project Blue Book in the Latin American market, posted the below on their Instagram today. The show’s in the Top 10 audience!

That’s it for the end-of-the-week news. Remember to follow #SaveBlueBook hashtag on Twitter, etc. and share it and petition link whenever possible. Thanks!

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