Project Blue Book: SaveBlueBook site launches, Aidan Gillen & Michael Malarkey

March 7, 2021:  The #SaveBlueBook website has launched! Please visit and share its link on your social media. It’s fantastic to have a one-stop site for the campaign, and huge thanks to Carsten for all his hard work!

🛸 The list of virtual ‘cinemas’ showing Aidan Gillen’s critically acclaimed film Rose Plays Julie during the month of March has expanded greatly. Visit for the list. The film is running only on certain dates so if you’re in the U.S. and want to see it, check the site sooner than later.

🛸 Michael Malarkey did an in-depth interview with old friend Adam Jackson for the SacredSons podcast. The podcast is “SSP 050 – Unmasking The Truth with Michael Malarkey”. In this hour-long podcast, Michael talks about acting, his music, family and more.  You can download the podcast, listen to it at or wherever you find your podcasts. Definitely recommended.

🛸 Two mini trailers in one tweet. History Japan drops trailers for two season 1 episodes.

🛸 Former Project Blue Book Stunt Coordinator Lloyd Cunningham shared this behind-the-scenes image from season 2 of the show. I’m guessing it’s either one of the “Roswell” episodes or “Area 51” due to the ‘desert’ locale.

🛸 Aidan Gillen’s one season series Identity is currently streaming all six episodes on YouTube. You can view the first episode at and then check the main channel. As with many programs put on YouTube, how long it will stream there is anyone’s guess.

🛸 If you want to see a very early project that Michael Malarkey and Nadine Lewington did over a decade ago, check out this short at Vimeo. Contractions was a short film made especially for the F5 Film & Animation conference in New York. The video was to depict the concept of rebirth.

Michael Malarkey in short film “Contractions”

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