Project Blue Book: Season 2 finale news & Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Aidan Gillen as Allen Hynek

Season 2 may be over but we’re hoping for news on Season 3! Stay tuned to this site for the latest news!

🛸  Creator/executive producer David O’Leary sat down with to talk about “Operation Mainbrace.” “The whole point of Operation Mainbrace was to flex NATO’s force and show the Russians that we would be prepared for a battle at sea,” David O’Leary, “Project Blue Book” creator and executive producer, told Live Science. “Tensions were already high,” O’Leary said. “This was a training exercise, but it was also a flex of muscle. And then, in this exciting and tense situation, there were these unexplained UFO events.” You can read the full article at

🛸  David O’Leary talked with in a MAJOR spoiler-ridden article that discloses all the details of “Operation Mainbrace.” In it, he discusses Mimi’s growth, the whole real ‘Operation Mainbrace’ scenario, the entire HyneQuinn scenario which is 100% spoilers. He also reveals plans for season 3, to address the earth-shattering conclusion of season 2. When asked about season 2: How fun was it to write for Aidan and Michael? Because this season, they were clicking so well this year! Like, absolutely Butch and Sundance-y,  David replied “Incredible. And I’ll tell you this: They came in ready. I’m talking day one, rehearsal, on shot one of Season 2, they were back. I couldn’t believe it. I really couldn’t believe how much work they must have done just to be ready. Because you know, you check out [during hiatus]. It was quite a bit of time. So it was phenomenal and they came clicking. Then once we saw that, we were like “Oh, we can push this in so many great ways.” Click on link at your own risk, as… SPOILERS! 😉

🛸  History channel posted a mini trailer with David O’Leary for “Operation Mainbrace.” Of course, major spoilers if you have no watched the episode. View at:

🛸  Rebecca Lee is a name you probably don’t know, but she’s an integral part of the Project Blue Book team. She makes our guys and gals look their best. She’s the make-up artist. She has also generously shared photos along season 2, anything from Ksenia Solo (Susie Miller) buried in Oreo crumbs (“Hopkinsville”) to a guest star with a fake broken nose. She recently posted  a treasure trove of photos of our four main cast (Aidan Gillen, Michael Malarkey, Laura Mennell, Ksenia Solo) at the link below. In an ironic twist, the photo of Michael almost makes him look like he’s holding the Holy Grail of coronavirus panic buyers: a roll of toilet paper. Not sure what it is, but it’s a bit amusing.

🛸  Ksenia Solo shared nice retro B&W photos of herself and Laura Mennell. You can view them at:

🛸  Laura Mennell shared a nice shot of herself dolled up as Mimi, and even her cast chair!

🛸  Sofia Milos (aka lead villainess Daria) posed this great shot. “Daria – is a mysterious powerful Russian spy , who runs  clandestine operations in the US overseeing assets in the field – most notably, the beautiful Susie Miller

Daria was to appear in the season finale, but did not. Sofia posted later “But good News is … I spoke to the Executive producer @davideoleary today and he said : “There was a change made in the season finale they forgot to tell me about. That despite really loving my performance they had to cut it down to change the original planned ending for my character Daria ! But the silver lining is : Daria will be back in season 3 for a resolution we are now all waiting for.”

🛸  The coronavirus pandemic has up-ended everything, and social media is handling it in different ways. One of those is the hashtag #readasonnet, which actress Hayley McLaughlin (Rebecca on “Hopkinsville” and “Men in Black”) accepted. You can listen to her beautiful, rich Scottish voice at

🛸  Jerod Haynes, aka Agent Banks, has posted his short film, “Father’s Day,” to his Instagram as well as YouTube. “Michael K Williams and Jerod Haynes the film tackles the duality of a father and son’s loving but challenging relationship. Written and directed by @jimstgermain89.

🛸  Epic Drama continues its publicity on its Instagram page, this time using Colm Feore (Admiral Gale in “Operation Mainbrace”) to introduce the mini trailer.

🛸  If you haven’t listened to SyFyWire’s Project Blue Book podcast for “Operation Mainbrace,” what you waiting for? SyFyWire dropped this cool teaser shot of Aidan Gillen and David O’Leary at their Instagram, so check out the podcast at

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