Project Blue Book: Season 2 finale teaser video (TVInsider), Michael Harney PSA

Michael Malarkey as Quinn

Hold on, Quinn is recklessly charging ahead, regardless of the consequences, while  Hynek is now the voice of reason?? It looks like HyneQuinn are getting into deep trouble in the dramatic season 2 finale, “Operation Mainbrace.” Tensions run high when an unidentified submersible object interferes with a largescale naval exercise which takes place near Russian waters. brings fans a fantastic video from the episode, where Quinn, it seems, is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery objects, even if it means breaking the rules. In watching this spoilerish scene, there have been teases throughout season 2 of something like possibly occurring — from Quinn remembering what happened over the skies in D.C. (was it real or a delusion?) as seen in “Roswell Incident, part 1” and his not-very-happy flashback in the recent “What Lies Beneath”. Quinn needs answers as much as if not more so than Hynek. After reading the article and watching the trailer, fans just might be anxious about what fate awaits HyneQuinn! Article at

🛸  The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is impacting everybody, including the Project Blue Book cast and crew. While we’re all anxiously awaiting word of a season 3 renewal, Michael Harney (General Valentine) did a brief video for History’s social media pages. He hopes we, the fans, are taking care of ourselves, and thanks the ‘front line’ fighters (police, doctors, more) for their efforts. “We’ll get through this.”

NOTE: You can also follow much of the cast and/or crew on Instagram, where they post exercise videos, family videos, and cute cartoons as they also ride out the “social distancing” necessary to eradicate coronavirus.

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