Project Blue Book: Season 3, Aidan Gillen, Laura Mennell, Neal McDonough & more

Laura Mennell, Neal McDonough, Michael Malarkey

Perhaps the most popular fan question on social media with regards to Project Blue Book is ‘where is the season 3 renewal’? In season one, the renewal was announced a few weeks in but it usually takes longer in the following years. addressed that issue in a March 12th article. Project Blue Book (History, Status – Renewal Possible): This show has returned down from its first season, but it is still doing well for a basic cable entry, especially in total viewers which is important to older-skewing History Channel. At this point, it appears to be on track for a third season renewal.  You can read the full article on that and other shows’ renewal chances at

🛸  Central and Eastern Europe are getting Project Blue Book (Projekt Plava Knjiga)next week!  A translation from EPICDramaBulgaria’s Instagram account: Are you ready for at least 1 more UFO investigation with these two gentlemen? Only 1 week left until the #ProjectBlueBlue season premiere! Tonight at 22:00 is the final episode of Season 1.

🛸  @HistoryTVCanada’s Twitter account is always dropping cute little videos for the show, such as this one from “What Lies Beneath” where Hynek and Quinn realize they might be in really deep trouble:

🛸  The Abbey Theatre has put up a brief video (one minute) with Aidan Gillen and rest of cast talking about the new play “Faith Healer”. Watch at

🛸  Laura Mennell spoke about Project Blue Book and Mimi’s role in season 2. “She gets a little ballsy this year,” said Mennell on The Mimi-Susie relationship is addressed in the 16 minute video at

🛸  In season one of the series, Mimi Hynek was a typical 1950s housewife with normal problems, until her husband started working for the military investigating UFOs! In season 2, she’s spread her wings, getting involved with a local UFO group and helping her husband in his work. Laura Mennell said in a interview: “I love that Mimi is becoming more independent and self-assured. She’s doing things for herself and not always waiting for Allen’s word. For good or bad, she’s making decisions on her own, which I think is great.” Read the rest of this detailed interview at

🛸  Neal McDonough can currently be seen in the western “The Warrant,” viewable on Amazon Prime, available on DVD, etc.

🛸  Neal McDonough (General Harding) is scheduled to appear at the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo on May 2-3, 2020. (Please note that all convention appearances, and conventions in general, can be changed/cancelled due to the current coronavirus pandemic.) Full details at  

🛸  Actress Michelle DeShon posted an interesting selection of behind-the-scenes photos from “What Lies Beneath.” Michelle played Betty, a “lady of the evening.” You can view them at her Instagram at

And, makeup artist Rebecca Lee shared this photo of Michelle DeShon getting prettied-up for the part of Betty.

🛸  Lastly, TV Guide did a great little promo piece for the final episode of season two in their March 16-20th issue (U.S.) where details of “Operation Mainbrace” look simply fantastic! Not only do we get Quinn in a leather jacket, it looks like HyneQuinn might get into some real trouble. Just another day for our guys at Blue Book. This episode airs March 24th on History Channel.

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