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Project Blue Book

UPDATE: March 29th – New Image added!

The season 2 finale of Project Blue Book has aired, and wow, that was an intense episode with an ending that shocked the fans. It also left us with a nail-biting cliffhanger and the question:  ‘what about season 3’?  While the show isn’t cancelled, there’s been no renewal news either. Factors in deciding renewals include obtaining that desired target demographic (18-to-49 year olds), licensing fees, etc. but it mostly boils down to dollars. It doesn’t help any show that the coronavirus pandemic has brought Vancouver film production to a virtual standstill. Studios aren’t making money right now, so they will probably tighten their financial belts and beginning to choose what they think will cost the least for their network while making the most profit.

That said, we the fans need to let History Channel know we want another season of Project Blue Book. Social media is the best place to let them know.

We have hashtags!

👽  #RenewBlueBook is brief and to the point, and matches with @HistoryBlueBook’s own abbreviation of the show’s title (and it helps to avoid typos like project).

👽  #ProjectBlueBook, of course, will catch History’s attention.

👽  #FindQuinn – There’s no #HyneQuinn without Quinn!

Use of the first two hashtags is very important, as the first one is what we want, and the second one will catch History’s attention. By all means add the third one as don’t we all want Quinn found?

Use them liberally across your social medium platforms. On Twitter you can tag/tweet @historybluebook @HistoryTVCanada @History as that way it goes straight to them! Make a short Tweet/Instagram post telling History WHY you want the show back. Add hashtags, photos of your favorite Blue Book scene, even videos, then press send! Let them know if you’re in their desired demographic, or that your family of five sits down every Tuesday night to watch, that you subscribed to History just to see Blue Book, heck, even if your cat is glued to the set when the show airs, whatever reason you watch the show. Blue Book is one of History’s very few scripted shows, so it’s more costly than shows like Ancient Aliens. History needs to know that their investment in Blue Book is worth it! And if you’re tweeting about another of History’s shows, why not toss in a #RenewBlueBook hashtag with that tweet as well? 😊

Here are several JPGs created that you can share across Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, wherever you wish.  Attaching  one of these with your Tweet or Instagram post makes it more visible and we want our request visible to History Channel. Feel free to make your own images, but please make it family friendly and include the hashtag #RenewBlueBook on it.



One way to help the show is to view the series only on legitimate platforms – History Channel, their video-on-demand, your cable provider’s video-on-demand, buying it via Amazon, YouTube, Hulu, buy the DVDs, etc. Every time you stream it off a ‘free’ third-party site (usually taken illegally from a screener review copy), you’re depriving History of ratings and dollars. DVR ratings are highly important for Blue Book, so if you DVR, watch within 7 days of recording! No show is made out of the goodness of a studio’s heart. If it’s not profitable enough, it’s cancelled.  

Lastly, for all we know, Project Blue Book is slated for renewal, but let’s give History a big shoutout so the idea of not renewing the series is the furthest thing in their minds.

Please free to grab all these #RenewBlueBook images to use, and to share the link to this article. Stay tuned to this site for more developments!

Thank you all!

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  1. Jared Theiss says:

    Please make a season 3 and find quinn.

  2. Stephanie Smith says:

    I’ve been pasting the hashtag #RenewBlueBook everywhere I go. I’d love to paste this page as well. I’d like to get as many people on board as we can. Would it be okay to do that? Thanks! 🛸🛸🛸

    1. Elyse says:

      Hi Stephanie,
      Thank you for spreading the word. Yes, please paste the page. The more who let History know of our love for the show, the better 🙂 Just be sure to provide a link back to original as we will update with anything new. – Elyse

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