Project Blue Book: Season 3, Season 2 finale teasers, Paul Hynek, Michael Malarkey, Epic Drama, Aidan Gillen & more!

Operation Mainbrace

UPDATE: TVInsider hits us with another exciting preview that has us very, very worried about the safety of our heroes – especially the one who claims he can pilot a sub! Ouch, this one hurts. Watch at your own risk!

Paul Hynek was interviewed by the UFO podcast Truth Be Told. He spoke about his father, the Project Blue Book TV series, and much more. When asked if there would be a season 3, he replied “Just between us girls,” he joked. “Almost certainly. And, yes, we’ve had talks about season 3 and a season 4.” [NOTE: Fans, however, are still waiting for an official announcement from History Channel/A&E Networks.] You can listen to the full podcast at

🛸  Season 2 wraps up with an exciting episode on the high seas, where Hynek and Quinn butt heads with Admiral Gale, played by veteran Canadian actor Colm Feore. ETCanada conducted a two-minute interview with Feore, who speaks at depth about how he got the role 😉 as well as how he handled a show based on fact but which is also dramatized. Watch at

🛸  Producer Sean Jablonski and @SyfyWire (Twitter) shared a bomb of a teaser trailer for the season 2 finale. The Generals may be able to get some sensitive information out of Susie, but the Russian spy will only talk to Mimi. Sean said “”It felt important to me that Mimi show a side of her that we hadn’t seen before,” Jablonski says of Mimi’s reaction in that scene with the Generals. “In my mind, that had to do with locating the anger and rage she felt at not just the betrayal Susie showed her, but the realization that Susie put her entire family in jeopardy. For me, as a father, that has to be unforgivable.” Article and great trailer at

🛸  Actor Caspar Phillipson, whom Project Blue Book fans will recognize as the character John F. Kennedy in season2 episodes “What Lies Beneath” and “Broken Arrow”, posted this great photo of himself and Michael Malarkey at one of Michael’s concerts. An interesting fact. Phillipson, who played an American, but sounds like he has a British accent, is from Denmark.

🛸  Eastern and Central European fans will get to see season 2 premiere on March 19th. Epic Drama Bulgaria, part of ViasatWorld, posted the below video to their Instagram. It’s fascinating to see how other countries advertise the series.

🛸  Websites couldn’t let St. Patrick’s Day go by without recognizing its great Irish entertainers, one of whom is Aidan Gillen. They didn’t mention Project Blue Book in the photo article, but it’s fantastic to see him recognized for his talents nevertheless. You can read at

🛸  Sofia Milos shared a wonderful picture of herself as Daria from “Hopkinsville” episode on her Twitter account. Daria will be back in the season finale “Operation Mainbrace.”

🛸  Another great behind-the-scenes share from makeup artist @needmoreblush (Instagram), who posted a few snaps of actor Willem van der Vegt  (Alex, one of the Russian pilots in “Broken Arrow”) showing his ‘injuries’ from the plane crash.

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