Project Blue Book: Set Auction and Jerod Haynes Interview

A lot of the set decorations, props, wardrobe, etc. for Project Blue Book are going up for auction on Wednesday, September 2nd in Vancouver. Auctions like these are typical after a show is cancelled, and sometimes even after seasons end as storage of items is expensive. Many of the items shown at the auction site were used in one episode and never used again. Although this might seem worrisome for Blue Book’s future prospects, items such as this can be replaced if production resumes. It has happened before. The #SaveBlueBook campaign is still in full swing and we’re NOT giving up!

Items include a lot of clothing (sold in lots), barrels(!), half a fighter plane, fake alien skeletons, artwork, TV dinner trays 😊 and sigh, Quinn’s lovely flamingo painting that we saw in his bedroom. While it’s too late to sign up for bidding (they need a full day and you have to be there to pick up the item), you can peruse the entire 500+ item sale lot at a link provided in the article above.  Someone is going to end up with Hynek’s “Men in Black” coat (below).  The full article is at

🛸  If you were unable to attend the live zoom webinar with Jerod Haynes this week, the Acting Studio of Chicago now has the one hour plus video up at Jerod did answer my question about how he got the role of Project Blue Book. His agent approached him with the role of Agent Banks. He had never seen the show, however “I love UFOs. I’m a conspiracy dude,” he laughed and said “Count me in.” He said Sean Jablonski allowed him to add to the character. He gained some weight, and said he wanted Banks to seem “ill-equipped in a sense in that yeah, he’s smart and he’s probably a good guy but he’s different.” He didn’t want to drop spoilers on what Banks did later on. “Shout out to Blue Book,” he added. It’s a fascinating interview overall and well worth watching.

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