Project Blue Book: Stylin’ with Agent Banks of “Close Encounters”

Jerod Haynes

Ever since Project Blue Book premiered on the History Channel last year, fans of vintage fashion have been thrilled with how the wardrobe design folk have been spot-on with their choices, particularly when  it came to the ladies: no matter what the situation, Mimi Hynek (Laura Mennell) and Susie Miller (Ksenia Solo) were always dressed to the nines.

Tonight’s episode (“Close Encounters”) looks like it will be ramping up both the men’s fashion and the vintage vehicles. As Blue Book is put on trial by the CIA’s Robertson Panel, we’ll see Hynek (Aidan Gillen) and Quinn (Michael Malarkey) show up in their best attire (not that Quinn isn’t always fashionable in his Air Force uniform, three-piece suits, or even casual ware). And it appears that Agent Banks of the CIA, whom we’ve basically seen in only casual outfits, will be giving HyneQuinn a run for their money.

New cast member Jerod Haynes posted three fantastic images of Banks posing by his very stylish vehicle that we can look forward to seeing tonight. You can find these pictures at his Twitter account (@MrJerodHaynes) and his Instagram:

Big thanks to Jerod for sharing these images with the fans!

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