Project Blue Book: The Missing Videos

Project Blue Book

March 17, 2001 – Fans who watched Project Blue Book on its original airings on the History Channel always saw a brief B&W video at the end of each episode. It explained the true incident upon which the episode was based. However, fans have discovered that neither the DVDs or the streaming services have these videos or even credits. The editing-out of end credits seems to be the new way streaming services keep your attention and move you to the next show/film. 

The credits can be found at The mini videos do exist but they’re scattered around the internet. The season 1 videos can be found on History Channel’s YouTube page (the link to each video is provided below). Season 2 videos appear to be found only on their Twitter account. Links are provided for each one.


“The Fuller Dogfight”

“The Flatwoods Monster”

“The Lubbock Lights”

“Operation Paperclip”

“Foo Fighters”

“The Green Fireballs”

“The Scoutmaster”

“War Games”


“The Washington Merry-Go Round”


“The Roswell Incident – Part I” & “The Roswell Incident – Part II”

“Area 51”


“The Men in Black”

“Close Encounters”

“Curse of the Skinwalker”

“What Lies Beneath”

“Broken Arrow”

There was a brief video for the episode but does not seem to be anywhere online.  History instead linked to this article about the Kinross Incident, upon which “Broken Arrow” was based.

“Operation Mainbrace”

Another source of videos is the History Blue Book Facebook page . Choose videos and start searching. It’s laid out in chronological order, and any video which mentions Project Blue Book is listed there, even if it has nothing to do with the TV series.

And if you’re eager for more backstory on the episodes, don’t forget to visit SyFy’s fantastic podcasts with cast and creators at or wherever you listen to podcasts. Enjoy!

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