Project Blue Book: What is the cast doing now, new Behind-the-Scene images

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January 30th – A new article on the show, TV and movie appearances from the cast, and very neat behind-the-scenes images from Project Blue Book.

🛸 Cinemaholic posted the article “Project Blue Book Season 3: Everything We Know”, which is a summation of everything we know. It’s great that the #SaveBlueBook campaign was described. Read the full article at

🛸 Jerod Haynes’ (Agent Daniel Banks) movie Blueprint will air on the Aspire cable channel on Sunday, January 31st at 11:00pm ET. “A young black man searches for his identity in the aftermath of a fatal shooting in South Side, Chicago. Inspired by a true story, this timely and important film tackles the issue of racial injustice and what it takes to overcome grief under difficult circumstances. Anchored by powerful performances from an amazing cast, led by up and comer Jerod Haynes (The Village), this raw and powerful portrait of life within the Black community is both moving and eye opening in its reflection of humanity. (2017) Description from

🛸 Look for Jill Morrison (Faye) in the upcoming Lifetime Circle of Deception, which will air March 6th at 8pm ET on the Lifetime network. A&E Network’s press release: A small island community is turned upside down when one of the town’s citizen’s Russel Douglas (Paul McGillion) is found dead the day after Christmas. Brenna Douglas (Jill Morrison) was Russel’s estranged and soon-to-be ex-wife, who often complained to her former beauty queen best friend Peggy Sue Thomas (Diane Neal) that Russel was physically and emotionally abusive. Through an investigation that twists and winds its way through neighbors, a wife, and best friends, Russel’s murderer is finally revealed. The film also stars Tahmoh Penikett and Tamara Tunie. (source: As a side note, April Telek also co-stars in this film. She played “Dorothy” in the season 2 Project Blue Book episode “Scoutmaster.” More casting detail, etc. at

Jill also posted this Project Blue Book memory to her Instagram:

🛸 Hayley McLaughlin (Rebecca in season 2) joined in on the #SaveBlueBookWeekend, dropping a tiny tidbit on location filming, and posted a stunning new photo as well!

🛸 Laura Mennell will appear in episode 7 of the series Two Sentence Horror Stories Essence. This 30 minute show will air Tuesday night, February 2nd at 8pm ET on the CW. You can also stream the episode the following day at Description: “A woman who us having a difficult time paying her bills begins working at a high-end nail salon, but the horrific physical toll the job leaves on her body causes her to suspect something sinister is going on at the seemingly luxurious business.

🛸 The Gaiety School Of Acting posted a couple photos of Aidan Gillen in a quick post about his new series Kin.

🛸 Janessa Hitsman worked as a set decorator on Project Blue Book, as well as NBC’s Timeless and Netflix’s Lost in Space, to name just a few productions. You can see quite a selection of her work on these shows on her website at Just click on ‘selected works’ and scroll down to Project Blue Book.

Janessa recently posted behind-the scene set decoration images from “Operation Mainbrace” to her Instagram:

And Janessa recently uploaded several photos from Quinn’s apartment, which is great as these are probably the first images we’ve seen from that season 2 set. Hopefully Janessa will post more photos from the set in the future. She definitely has reason to be proud of her work. It’s excellent!

🛸 Lastly, #SaveBlueBookWeek ran from January 21-28, 2021. Fans posted memes and tweets and more during the period. A really fantastic one was the one posted by #SaveBlueBook organizer Carsten Krikorka on his Twitter account. Now THIS is a crossover I would (figuratively, of course) kill to see! 😊 To see more images, search for #SaveBlueBookWeek on Twitter and/or Instagram.

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