Project Blue Book: “What Lies Beneath”, Sexy Science Nerd, UFO Road Trip, Aidan Gillen & more

Brian Markinson, Laura Mennell, Aidan Gillen

March 5th: A quick wrap-up of this week’s news. 

🛸  If you saw the coming attractions for “What Lies Beneath” (which airs  March 10th), you may have recognized actor Brian Markinson as the man giving Hynek a folder. This actor has an extensive filmography and if you’ve watched virtually anything made in Canada, he’s probably be in it. He can currently be seen in the Canadian series *** And, in a ‘six degrees of Kevin Bacon’ type situation, actress Michelle DeShon (‘Betty’ in this episode) previously starred in the Sean Jablonski 2014 series “Satisfaction”. *** Lastly, IMDB indicates that Agent Banks (Jerod Haynes) returns in this episode. After the explosive turn of events in “Close Encounters,” will Banks help HyneQuinn, or should they watch their backs?

🛸 Australian fans are now enjoying season 2 of Project Blue Book. Articles are coming out via, who air the series. An article popular with the fans is ‘‘Project Blue Book’s Hynek is the sexy science nerd we all need in our lives’. Author Anthony Morris (@morrbeat (Twitter)) runs down the precise reasons why this geeky university professor as portrayed by Aidan Gillen is just so hot. Read the article at

🛸  ‘Why bother with a normal vacation, when you can have a paranormal one? A surprising number of locations have reported links to extraterrestrials, flying saucers and aliens, says David O’Leary, creator and executive producer of “Project Blue Book,” which stars “Game of Thrones” alumnus Aidan Gillen as Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a college professor recruited by the U.S. Air Force to research cases of alleged UFO sightings.’ Read the full article (“10 places to spot UFOs, as selected by the creator of ‘Project Blue Book’”) at

🛸 Aidan Gillen spoke about season 2 of Project Blue Book on the podcast Breaking It Down with Frank MacKay. The 10-minute podcast can be found at When asked about social media, he says he doesn’t participate – doesn’t even have a website –  but has heard that the Russians have some good stuff. 😊

🛸 Laura Mennell did a cute Q&A for @HistoryTVCanada (Twitter), answering questions about what she’d take from the set, what it’s like to work with Aidan Gillen and Michael Malarkey, and more! Watch at:  

🛸  Want to win a set of wireless speakers? Yes, it’s related to Project Blue Book. A quick Google translation follows. “Follow the @epicdramabulgaria Instagram profile and comment on this post tag a friend who would be your # partner in the #ProjectBlueBook UFO Investigation stating if he / she would be your Dr. Alan Heinek or Captain Michael Quinn. Three winners win a blue wireless speaker with the Epic Drama logo shortly before the season 2 premiere of the cult series. THE BLUE BOOK PROJECT returns with its new season on #EpicDrama on March 19th!” (this offer is probably limited to folks in Bulgaria)

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