Save Project Blue Book: History Channel drops the series

This is NOT the news we fans wanted to hear. This morning, May 7th, posted that History has “opted not to pursue a third season” of Project Blue Book. Cancelled. An ex-show.

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This is a great show with a loyal fan base but as we all know, that’s not always enough to keep a show on the air. COVID-19 no doubt played a factor in the show not being picked up. As a scripted and historical drama, it definitely costs more than a show in which people walk around, dig up the ground, and go “we’ll find the money pit this time.” There’s talk about Vancouver film production starting up again, which means studios may be looking for shows to fund and a show with an already built-in audience is a gem. There’s absolutely no harm in letting @Netflix or any other studio know that we want Project Blue Book back on the airwaves!

Creator/executive producer David O’Leary dropped the news on his Twitter account. He’s changing our hashtag of #RenewBlue to #SaveBlueBook, so if you want to see Hynek and Quinn standing in front of Stonehenge in season 3 like in that great photo he provided, start using that hashtag!

So, start tweeting #SaveBlueBook!

We’ll keep you apprised of further news as it develops.

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