#SaveBlueBook Campaign update; Michael Malarkey music gig, Neal McDonough & more!

The #SaveBlueBook campaign did another #SaveBlueBookSaturday on June 20th focusing on Netflix.  Thanks to fan participation, Twitter impressions increased quite a bit from the first event! Keep your Saturdays open as the next #SaveBlueBookSaturday will be June 27th! The targeted streaming service for this event will be Amazon.  Stay out of the heat and tweet #SaveBlueBook! Full details of this new event and last week’s increase on Twitter, at https://www.change.org/p/save-project-blue-book-the-tv-series-savebluebook-projectbluebook/u/27074631

🛸 Michael Malarkey tweeted, “it’s my birthday and I’ll tweet if I want to” 😊. He spent part of his birthday (June 21) tweeting with fans and doing a two-hour acoustic set  on his Twitch channel. While he was performing “The Bells Still Ring,” a storm blew in, shaking the tree as he sang “And the breeze and the trees seem to whisper your name.”  Incredible timing! A number of favorite songs were performed – “Scars,” “Dancing in the Gray” – to name a few. After the two hours ended, Michael decided to leave the recording go for another half hour. Fans who hung around got to watch a summer rain storm, stare at a chair 😊, and hear chatter. But best of all, baby Hugo made a surprise appearance. That kid is cute! Subscribers can watch the video (up for 60 days) at https://www.twitch.tv/michaelmalarkeyofficial

Michael also posted on his Twitter account that he’ll be doing “Graveracer track by track. It will be a talk back about each song, one per week in running order.” This will be on his Twitch channel.

🛸 As posted earlier, Aidan Gillen participated in the annual Bloomsday event. The video is now up at http://www.tenthousandhours.ie/bloomsday-lockin. This video, an online dramatization of Ulysses, is for charity and will be available for viewing for one week from June 21st.

🛸 Neal McDonough did a live video chat, for his new project “The Warrant.” Soon after fighting side-by-side in the U.S. Civil War, rough-and-tumble Sheriff John Breaker and his by-the-book son Cal reunite to deliver an arrest warrant to John’s former Union Army buddy. Full details about this Civil War project is at https://www.insp.com/movies/the-warrant/. Meanwhile, you can view his chat at

Neal also put up a photo from his latest project, Red Stone, at his Instagram. Quite the change from General Harding! 😊

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