SyFy: “Project Blue Book producers talk campaign to save show, fan love, plans for Season 3”

#SaveBlueBook - SyFyWire

It was fantastic to have this article pop up on the computer first thing this morning. SyFyWire posted an in-depth interview with Project Blue Book producers David O’Leary and Sean Jablonski about the show’s cancellation, their efforts to find a new home, and how the fans are rallying with petitions, hashtag, and well, our love for the show.

There’s a key comment in the article that brings hope to us fans: “…the executive producers want the fans to know their self-started social media efforts are seen, and are very important right now. In particular, they say using the #SAVEBLUEBOOK on Twitter and Instagram are easy ways for networks to see overall fan engagement. And in the current state of show-saving initiatives, petitions are proving to be an effective “at a glance” for executives to see large numbers of fandoms coalesce around properties. And Project Blue Book has its own fan-started petition already on the pair have seen and appreciate greatly.

And yes, they do plan to #FindQuinn (Michael Malarkey). “He’s an integral part of the show,” said Jablonski.

Season 3 is already ‘fleshed out’, and Jablonski added, ‘we’ve also talked through Season 4. The characters are so great. I could see a version of a book, of a graphic novel, or like a smaller Quibi type version that investigates certain cases.”

The full article by Tara Bennett is located at Tara’s name is familiar because she conducts the interesting and sometimes flat-out hilarious Project Blue Book podcasts. A podcast has been done for every episode made and if you’ve never listened to them, run over to You will be happy that you did!

Lastly, please do not forget to sign and share the petition!

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  1. I hope the SciFy channel, Netflix or other station saves the show for season 3 and more.
    I’m a fan and thought this was well made & maybe there’s some facts included from Dr Hynek.

  2. Please save blue book!

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