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Michael Malarkey as Quinn
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Project Blue Book: Season 2 finale teaser video (TVInsider), Michael Harney PSA

Hold on, Quinn is recklessly charging ahead, regardless of the consequences, while  Hynek is now the voice of reason?? It looks like HyneQuinn are getting into deep trouble in the dramatic season 2 finale, “Operation Mainbrace.” Tensions run high when an unidentified submersible object interferes with a largescale naval exercise which takes place near Russian …

Operation Mainbrace
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Project Blue Book: Season 3, Season 2 finale teasers, Paul Hynek, Michael Malarkey, Epic Drama, Aidan Gillen & more!

UPDATE: TVInsider hits us with another exciting preview that has us very, very worried about the safety of our heroes – especially the one who claims he can pilot a sub! Ouch, this one hurts. Watch at your own risk! Paul Hynek was interviewed by the UFO podcast Truth Be Told. He spoke about …

Laura Mennell, Neal McDonough, Michael Malarkey
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Project Blue Book: Season 3, Aidan Gillen, Laura Mennell, Neal McDonough & more

Perhaps the most popular fan question on social media with regards to Project Blue Book is ‘where is the season 3 renewal’? In season one, the renewal was announced a few weeks in but it usually takes longer in the following years. addressed that issue in a March 12th article. Project Blue Book (History, …

Aidan Gillen & Michael Malarkey
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Project Blue Book: HyneQuinn food reviews, “What Lies Beneath”, Aidan Gillen interview

Ever had a TV dinner? Apparently, they’re a foreign meal item to Michael Malarkey, as in this cute video short, he tells Aidan Gillen that “I’ve never eaten a TV dinner”. Aidan recalls when he first saw them “I really did think of them as the food of the future,” while Michael confesses that he’s …

Brian Markinson, Laura Mennell, Aidan Gillen
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Project Blue Book: “What Lies Beneath”, Sexy Science Nerd, UFO Road Trip, Aidan Gillen & more

March 5th: A quick wrap-up of this week’s news.  🛸  If you saw the coming attractions for “What Lies Beneath” (which airs  March 10th), you may have recognized actor Brian Markinson as the man giving Hynek a folder. This actor has an extensive filmography and if you’ve watched virtually anything made in Canada, he’s probably …

Spencer Grammer & Jesse Hutch
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Project Blue Book visits Skinwalker Ranch in S2E7

Cattle mutilations, crop circles, UFOs and disembodied voices are just some of the bizarre activities that have allegedly occurred at a 512-acre ranch in northeastern Utah dubbed the “Skinwalker Ranch.”  The ‘cursed’ ranch has had several owners and been the subject of books as well as movies.  Now History Channel’s Project Blue Book delves into …

Laura Mennell and Aidan Gillen
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Project Blue Book: “Close Encounters,” “Curse of the Skinwalker” promo, Hynek Brothers Podcast

👽 Some behind the scenes tidbits from the “Close Encounters” episode which aired February 25th. Laura Mennell posted this image of herself and Aidan Gillen in 1976 ‘aged’ Hyneks at her Instagram. Make-up artist Rebecca Lee posted a few shots and details on how they put more beard atop Aidan Gillen’s real beard to achieve …

Aidan Gillen
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Project Blue Book: U.K. premiere, Peacock pick-up, Hynek Brothers Podcast & Aidan Gillen

Good news for Project Blue Book fans! 🛸 First, news has finally broke that season 2 will debut in the U.K. on the SyFyUK network starting March 12th at 9:00pm.  You can follow SyFyUK on and, although neither platform has as yet made the announcement. 🛸 The Hollywood Reporter said that the Peacock …

Peter Graham-Gaudreau & Jerod Haynes
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Behind the scenes on “Men in Black”, Paul Hynek, Laura Mennell & next week’s Project Blue Book episode

🛸He has a face you’ve seen all over TV, but you may not know his name. Actor Peter Graham-Gaudreau has been in dozens of film and TV productions, but Project Blue Book fans will not doubt remember him as the bigoted Sheriff Washington in “Men in Black”, a man who intentionally ignored Agent Banks until …