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Laura Mennell and Aidan Gillen
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Project Blue Book: “Close Encounters,” “Curse of the Skinwalker” promo, Hynek Brothers Podcast

👽 Some behind the scenes tidbits from the “Close Encounters” episode which aired February 25th. Laura Mennell posted this image of herself and Aidan Gillen in 1976 ‘aged’ Hyneks at her Instagram. Make-up artist Rebecca Lee posted a few shots and details on how they put more beard atop Aidan Gillen’s real beard to achieve …

Aidan Gillen
Project Blue Book News

Project Blue Book: U.K. premiere, Peacock pick-up, Hynek Brothers Podcast & Aidan Gillen

Good news for Project Blue Book fans! 🛸 First, news has finally broke that season 2 will debut in the U.K. on the SyFyUK network starting March 12th at 9:00pm.  You can follow SyFyUK on and, although neither platform has as yet made the announcement. 🛸 The Hollywood Reporter said that the Peacock …