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Project Blue Book News

Project Blue Book: Cameo sale (Michael Malarkey & more), Aidan Gillen, Save Blue Book, Ksenia Solo

August 26, 2021 – A few quick bits of timely Project Blue Book actor news! 🛸 If you’ve always wanted a video with Michael Malarkey (or Neal McDonough, Jill Morrison or Sofia Milos), Cameo is offering a 25% sitewide discount of 25%! For Michael, go straight to Book very soon, as the discount …

Aidan Gillen from Killers of the Cosmos
Project Blue Book News

Project Blue Book: Aidan Gillen “Kin”, Michael Malarkey, Laura Mennell and more

August 24, 2021 – No news on Project Blue Book, but a good selection on the cast, especially Aidan Gillen, whose series Kin will debut this Fall. 🛸 Due to work commitments, Michael Malarkey has had to bow out of the August 28-29 East European Comic Con. Their Facebook page details how to obtain refunds …

Michael Malarkey
Project Blue Book News

Project Blue Book: Aidan Gillen, Michael Malarkey, Ksenia Solo, conventions & more!

August 5, 2021 – The latest on the Save Blue Book project as well as news on what the cast is up to these days! 🛸 The Save Blue Book petition has reached 32,000 signatures! If you haven’t signed it yet, please do so at The official @SaveBlueBook twitter account also posted this neat …

Hynek (Aidan Gillen) by Karen Keslen
Project Blue Book News

Project Blue Book: Michael Malarkey, Aidan Gillen – new projects & more!

July 5, 2021 – Latest update on what the cast has been doing. First, if your interest in UFO has been piqued due to the recent news on government reports on UFOs, check out Project Blue Book at PeacockTV. It’s free to watch! It’s got great writing, a wonderful cast and two seasons, but fans …

Project Blue Book prop
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Project Blue Book: Neal McDonough convention, Alien Autopsy, Aidan Gillen, Ksenia Solo & more

April 15, 2021 – Although Project Blue Book ceased production a while ago, people are still sharing behind-the-scene images from their time on the set. The latest is on the props used on the show. 🛸 Vancouver based makeup effects artist Mike Fields graciously shared several images of the ‘alien autopsy’ from the season 2 …

Project Blue Book - porch
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Project Blue Book: TV Guide, Aidan Gillen, ASC Awards, Michael Malarkey, Hayley McLaughlin & more!

🛸 April 11, 2021 – In a matter of weeks, it will be a year since Project Blue Book fans discovered there would be no season 3. The current goal of the #SaveBlueBook petition is to reach 30,000 signatures by May 7, 2021. And to continue gathering signatures! If you have not signed the petition, …

Save Blue Book Week, March 2021
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Project Blue Book: #SaveBlueBookWeek, Michael Malarkey tour, Aidan Gillen film, Laura Mennell (Batwoman), Jerod Haynes new show & more!

March 26, 2021 – Save Blue Book week, virtual concerts and contests! 🛸 October 24th was the year anniversary of when the final episode of Project Blue Book aired. “Operation Mainbrace” left fans on a solid cliffhanger. Fans assumed they’d have to wait till the next January to see that resolved but as the days …

Project Blue Book News

Project Blue Book: New streaming on IMDB-TV, Michael Malarkey World Tour, Aidan Gillen’s ‘Rose Plays Julie’ U.S. airings in March & more!

March 3 – Project Blue Book streaming on IMDB-TV, Michael Malarkey’s virtual world tour, Aidan Gillen’s Rose Plays Julie in U.S. in March, game update & more! 🛸 Project Blue Book is back on our TVs, as it premiered March 1st on IMDB-TV. Both seasons will stream for free (with ads) or no ads if …

#SaveBlueBook fan artwork
Project Blue Book News

Project Blue Book: Award, the game, Michael Malarkey ‘Virtual World Tour’ & more

February 20, 2021 – News on the Project Blue Book award, game, and more! 🛸 Despite being cancelled, Project Blue Book is still winning awards! The latest is for, who won ‘Best VFX Shot’ Award in the category ‘TV Serials’ for ‘Project Blue Book’ in the VAM Summit & Awards, India’s most comprehensive VFX …