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Project Blue Book News

Project Blue Book: Season 2 DVD, Aidan Gillen reading, Michael Malarkey chat, #SaveBlueBookSaturday-The Reunion!

This post will be a combination of upcoming events for the week of June 16th, as well as past news items. 🛸  Today, June 16th, the second season of Project Blue Book is out on DVD in the US and Canada. Check your local stores or wherever you order DVDs from. Alas, there is no …

Project Blue Book News

Jill Morrison: Faye talks about season 2 of Project Blue Book; Epic Drama premiere date, Promos & more

Jill Morrison spokes to Crookes Magazine about her role of Faye in season 2 of Project Blue Book. Morrison said that “Faye goes thru some emotional despair this season” and “I have a scene coming up where I have to be very emotional, and I’m alone in the scene. So I just had to be …