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Season 3 Project Blue Book: #RenewBlueBook Campaign Continues!

As many fans are aware, Project Blue Book’s season 3 renewal has yet to be announced. To let @History and @HistoryBlueBook know just how much the fans want another season, everyone is invited to join the “15 Days Challenge”. It’s easy! Just visit the tweet below and leave your response. Don’t forget to tag every …

Project Blue Book
Project Blue Book News

Project Blue Book: Season 3 – #RenewBlueBook

UPDATE: March 29th – New Image added! The season 2 finale of Project Blue Book has aired, and wow, that was an intense episode with an ending that shocked the fans. It also left us with a nail-biting cliffhanger and the question:  ‘what about season 3’?  While the show isn’t cancelled, there’s been no renewal …