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Project Blue Book: Aidan Gillen live Q&A, Michael Malarkey music, Jill Morrison

July 9 – Aidan Gillen will participate in a live Q&A on July 9th for his film Rose Plays Julie. While the film is viewable online only to Irish audiences, the Q&A with cast is open to all. You can watch, at 3:45pm ET, at their YouTube, Facebook or Twitter (see below) 🛸 July 11 …

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Project Blue Book: July 4th #SaveBlueBookSaturday, Michael Malarkey, Neal McDonough & Foreign Airings

Just a reminder that this Saturday, July 4th, is the next #SaveBlueBookSaturday! This time it’s targeted toward @FoxTV. Science fiction shows on Fox TV have included fan favorites such as The X-Files, The Orville, Fringe, and more, which is why this network would be a great new home for Project Blue Book! If you’re off …

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Project Blue Book weekend: Proyecto Blue Book, David O’Leary, #SaveBlueBookSaturday, Michael Malarkey, プロジェクトブルーブック

A quick rundown of this weekend’s Project Blue Book related online events/showings! And we are all still waiting for any news on a third season pickup by another network/streaming service, so don’t forget to tweet #SAVEBLUEBOOK! Thursday, June 25th – Season 2 of Projecto Blue Book (Project Blue Book) premieres on @CanalTNT. Friday, June 26th …

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#SaveBlueBook Campaign update; Michael Malarkey music gig, Neal McDonough & more!

The #SaveBlueBook campaign did another #SaveBlueBookSaturday on June 20th focusing on Netflix.  Thanks to fan participation, Twitter impressions increased quite a bit from the first event! Keep your Saturdays open as the next #SaveBlueBookSaturday will be June 27th! The targeted streaming service for this event will be Amazon.  Stay out of the heat and tweet …

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Project Blue Book: Season 2 DVD, Aidan Gillen reading, Michael Malarkey chat, #SaveBlueBookSaturday-The Reunion!

This post will be a combination of upcoming events for the week of June 16th, as well as past news items. 🛸  Today, June 16th, the second season of Project Blue Book is out on DVD in the US and Canada. Check your local stores or wherever you order DVDs from. Alas, there is no …

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Project Blue Book: #SAVEBLUEBOOKSATURDAY! Saturday, June 13, 2020

If you’re a fan of PROJECT BLUE BOOK, now is your chance to let the studios (Netflix, Amazon, etc.), the ones that could possibly pick up the series for a third season, to know we’re out there, vocal and a passionate audience! We need to get #SAVEBLUEBOOK to trend, particularly on Twitter. This may make …

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Behind-the-scenes with Project Blue Book, Aidan Gillen, Foreign premieres, TV Guide, #SaveBlueBook

🛸 Christopher Curtis worked on the season 2 episode “Area 51” and posted a neat behind-the-scenes short video of how they filmed a scene of Hynek and Quinn driving off, followed by a drone filming from above. “Can’t wait to get back on set!” You can watch the full brief video at Christopher’s Instagram account …

Project Blue Book FAQ
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Project Blue Book FAQ, #SaveBlueBook, Michael Malarkey chat, Aidan Gillen & More

The Blue Book Files now has a FAQ for the series! You’ll find the most Frequently Asked Questions addressed in this new section, as well as a link to an updated list of actors social media contacts. The #SaveBlueBook petition/campaign is listed at the top of the FAQ as “what about season 3?” is the …

David O'Leary & Sean Jablonski - Den of Geek interview
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David O’Leary & Sean Jablonski talk Project Blue Book and #SaveBlueBook Campaign & more

Perhaps the most exciting news this week have been the interviews with Project Blue’s book creator David O’Leary and showrunner Sean Jablonski talking about the show’s future and the fan-run #SaveBlueBook campaign. 👽 Both David O’Leary and Sean Jablonski recently participated in a livestream interview with the scifi site DenofGeek about Project Blue Book’s cancellation …