If you walk out of the office that Captain Michael Quinn and Doctor Allen Hynek share, you’ll come across the Project Blue Book file room. The room is a repository for the notes on every case they’ve handled and it likely contains information on dozens of other sightings throughout our history. It’s an archive of close encounters of every kind and for investigators in the 1950’s, it’s how they stored and retrieved information.

These days, our file rooms are virtual. (What would Professor Hynek think of that?) We store our notes in the cloud and retrieve them by sucking them out of the air using devices – some smaller than Quinn’s favorite pack of cigerettes.

But the one thing we all share is our thirst for knowledge and our need to catalog what we know. And that’s why I created this specific repository for Project Blue Book files of a different kind.

Here, we will gather all of the bits of “paper” relating to the TV series in the hope that future generations (aka Blue Book fans) can keep up with what’s happening, revisit the recent past and share their thoughts on everything Blue Book.

Please note that this is a fan site and is not officially sanctioned by History Channel, anyone connected to the series or any extraterrestrial being. The photos belong, for the most part, to History Channel and I’m merely borrowing them.

It’s been a long time since I felt so fanatically fannish about a TV show and I must say, I missed that feeling. So thank you Project Blue Book for giving me something to talk about, for introducing me to new friends and for awakening my fangirl heart. This site is my love letter to everyone involved.

Can’t wait to see what’s next.