Top 5 Funniest HyneQuinn Moments in Project Blue Book

Every episode of Project Blue Book is filled with drama, action and mystery – but there are also some pretty funny moments thanks to the chemistry between the two lead characters Hynek and Quinn (aka HyneQuinn) and (maybe even more importantly) the chemistry between the two lead actors Aidan Gillen and Michael Malarkey.

Here are my top five favorite funny moments. What’s number one on your list?

5. Winging It : War Games

In ‘War Games‘, Hynek dissects a dead bird in hopes of finding a clue as to why a flock of normally social birds attacked each other. Quinn asks if his knowledge of bird anatomy came from his childhood study of the Encyclopedia Britannica but Hynek flippantly replies “mostly I’m just winging it, get it?” Followed by Quinn’s dry reply of “yeah, you’re hilarious.”

4. It Wasn’t Exactly Rocket Science : Operation Paperclip

In Operation Paperclip, Quinn heads to a bar to wallow in his sorrows after being dressed down by Harding (or so it seems). Hynek, who is supposed to be on his way home, shows up at the bar and this exchange happens:

Quinn: “Uh oh, he found me.”

Hynek: “It wasn’t exactly rocket science.”

Quinn: (with raised eyebrow) “Was that supposed to be funny?”

Hynek’s response is another wacky face (see Fuller Dogfight). Seriously, how does Malarkey manage to keep it together in the face of that face? This scene gets extra points for Malarkey’s delivery of the line “von Nazi? Well, I hope you took it!” It tickles my funny bone every time.

3: Stay in the Car!: War Games

Allen Hynek has a very bad habit of not following orders, even when said orders are for his own safety. This exchange in ‘War Games‘ is particularly amusing because it’s become a running joke by the time we reach the episode. In this one, Quinn orders Hynek to stay put while he chases after the half-crazed soldier. Not only does Hynek disobey but he yells, “No!” back like a petulant child. To which Quinn replies, “this is all your fault!”

They sound so much like a bickering, old married couple that you can’t help but laugh. And good thing, because it goes pretty dark soon after.

2. Plovers and the Nerd Battle: Lubbock Lights

In ‘Lubbock Lights‘, Hynek takes over a university classroom, filling the chalkboard with hundreds of notations in hopes of discovering a solution to the recent sighting. (One of my favorite scenes in the whole series!) He starts to explain what it all means to Quinn when the Professor who normally inhabits the classroom shows up to kick them out. Said Professor claims to have solved the mystery. It’s PLOVERS!

What comes after is a very subtle but very funny nerd battle with a highly amused Quinn in the middle. Aidan gives Hynek this superior air as if he’s offended by the other academic’s suggestion that he could be wrong. Professor Plover (actor Tony Alcantar) is delightful with his own overly dramatic, full lecture-mode presentation of his theory and the smirk Michael offers as he encourages the outsider to ‘do their job for them’ pulls it all together.

Extra points for the exchange of looks when Professor Plover begins erasing all of Allen’s work. Yikes! Quinn looks at Hynek like he’s expecting him to either cry or beat the man to a pulp. It’s ‘seriously’ funny.

1. Maybe I Am: Fuller Dogfight

In the pilot episode, ‘Fuller Dogfight’ Captain Quinn agrees to take Hynek up in a fighter jet to see if he can prove that Fuller actually got into a dogfight with a weather balloon and not an alien spacecraft.

The scene starts off with a nervous Hynek who can’t zip up his own flightsuit. Quinn mocks him a little while handily doing the zip for him (which is pretty funny in itself). When Hynek says that he’s memorized Fuller’s entire report, Quinn eyes him suspiciously and says “maybe you’re the alien”. Hynek rolls his eyes and makes this kooky face and replies, “maybe I am.”

Quinn’s smile with eyes hidden behind dark aviator glasses puts the topper on this fan favorite scene from day one.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Gosh he is so cute when he smiles. I am holding my breath for season 2!

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